August 16, 2009

Two Awesome reviews on Sketch Book product

It’s really nice to get such positive feedback on the iPhone Application Sketch Book. David Hinson posted a great video review on Amazon. Keith Nichols posted a very...


August 6, 2009

iPhone Sketch Book out next week

Graphic of iPhone Sketch Book. It should be on sale sometime next week on Amazon. My survey revealed that 95% of App developers use pencil and paper. So I thought a handy notebook would be welcomed.


July 21, 2009

When Times are Slow

Interesting post by Seth Godin about what happens when times are slow. Or what you should be doing. Nothing is gained going downhill on your bike or when times are good. The best things are acheived...


July 10, 2009

Results quick Poll. How do you start your iPhone User Interface Design? Sketch on paper? Computer?

Here are the informal results via quick tabulation of a poll on how people start their iPhone User Interface designs. I ask this question on iPhone Developers Group on LinkedIn and Twitter. Roughly...