July 17, 2010

dBm – How about an App for that! – iPhone 4

As I mentioned before  besides iPad and IPhone Stencils and SketchBooks I spend most of my day frustratingly writing large ATE RF test sytems that test radios. (Cell phones fall into that...


July 14, 2010

My First FaceTime

I know I’ve had the iPhone 4 for a short long while now, but today I did my first FaceTime with someone. I have to say it is pretty cool. I didn’t think I would be that impressed, but they might...


July 11, 2010

Twitter approaching 5000 followers, Refresh?

As I approach 5000 Twitter followers I can only wonder. Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate everyone that has followed me. I’m really aiming to find fellow software technologists...


July 2, 2010

Test and Measurement Software guy chimes in on iPhone 4 bars issue

Many do not know, but I am and have been heavily involved in the Test and Measurement Software business. This involves writing software for the design, verification, and manufacturing of radio...