December 18, 2010

Companies looking for Data Scientists

Interesting post from GigaOM about companies looking for Architects and Data Scientists as we “roll” out of recession. Some roll. One of my colleagues has been stressing to me for a while now...


December 16, 2010

Cliff Lee. Stop already!

Ok. I was born and live in Philly. I love all our sports teams. The Phillies have really come a long way in a short time and they make us (fans) now feel like we are a big time city. We always were a...


December 6, 2010

Zuckerberg 60 minutes interview thoughts

Interesting interview on 60 minutes tonight. I found two things interesting.  Zuckerberg’s interviewing skills are getting much better. Coaching or comfort level. Practice make perfect. The other...


December 4, 2010

To Bubble or not to Bubble

Seems like all the big talk today about if there is a Bubble in Tech investing at the Seed Angel level. Front page NY Times. Then Fred VC chiming in as always about some kind of Mess? It’s getting...