July 26, 2019

Questions about Laravel Vapor

I’m impressed with the concepts behind Laravel Vapor, but I’m curious about some of the tech behind the curtain. I’d love to get some answers from Taylor on these before I buy. I assume AWS...


July 11, 2019

Ecommerce last mile matters

In ECommerce the last mile to deliver packages matters. In a recent transaction with Snell Golf I had a problem. First let me say I love the golf ball. They use Fedex exclusively and they have...


June 7, 2017

New! Writers and Content Providers for ISDB.IO

We are excited to announce we just added a Writer/Blogger/Content Provider Entity to ISDB.IO . The first example of this is Jake Kaplan, The Houston Astros Beat Writer for the Chronicle.. Jake is of...


June 6, 2017

The ISDB.IO back story.

Here is the back story for ISDB.IO – The Internet Sports Database. Or is it the front story? This is right from the splash page new users will see if they go there. Please go there. Here goes:...