June 19, 2007

Age again in Boom times

We must be entering another boom phase for tech companies. VC’s want the young ones? So in ten years I’ll be 2x the age limit. Not a fat chance that someone would fund one of my hair brain ideas....


June 1, 2007

Autotestcon Paper

Our paper ‘Descriptive Development System for True Instrument Synthesis’ has been accepted for IEEE AUTOTESTCON 2007, pending successful completion of the paper. I’m very excited about getting...


May 31, 2007

EE == GeeK

I know its been a while. My critics are quick to remind me. Maybe we should just call it writers block. Blog block? Depression? I liked this blog by Leah Culver on her CompSci education. When my kids...


May 18, 2007

Silly Device?

I guess I’m pretty much a geek. I never miss and enjoy some of the silly little devices that they show. One recent one was a usb stick that all its’ apparent function was to jiggle the...