July 6, 2007

FCC, the horror..the horror?

My friend Chris Nadovich pointed out to me today this latest FCC move…. He predicted this about a year ago. It is interesting that Cisco petitioned the FCC to do this. Hmm. Wonder why them? In any...


July 3, 2007


So I went over to the local Apple store with my son Sunday to check out – you know. I’m into embedded product development so it is pretty interesting to see new products. I was expecting large...


June 25, 2007

Why Open Source ? – Part 1

I started out doing Unix programming many many years ago. I owned a company that did real time supervisory control systems based on QNX. QNX is still around, but frustration with tools was high. ...


June 21, 2007

New Development Types?

Kudos to Scott Berkun on categorizing some new methods for software development. Ok, old methods that we all have to live with. I think we have had the Asshole Driven development (ADD)  for...