August 2, 2007

Neo1973 UnBoxing : Linux phone arrives!

August 1, 2007. The Neo1973 arrives via UPS at my doorstep. I snapped some pics of the unboxing event.  The first thing I’ll say is that the cardboard box seems pretty ordinary. And please excuse...


July 27, 2007

OpenMoko ships!

Your free Open Source Linux mobile phone is in the mail. I’ll try to post some pics of unboxing and do a review on the first developer version of this product. I hope the execution by FIC gets...


July 19, 2007

California’s positive attitude

Just back from a trip to the bay area. I was out there on some business. It’s been awhile since I was out there. One thing I noted is the positive attitude most people have out there. It’s...


July 9, 2007

OpenMoko live

Looks like the OpenMoko site is live and selling Linux phones. Two versions are for sale – one being a full blown developer kit.