December 10, 2011

New Apress Application Sketch Books

Apress is coming out shortly with six new of my Sketch Books. IOS5 Application Sketch Book Web Designers Application Sketch Book. Kindle Fire Application Sketch Book. Samsung Galaxy Tablet...


November 9, 2011

A Sad ending?

I love JoePa and Penn State football. Ever since my brother went there in the 60’s, I really think it’s a magical thing. Now it seems it is over. Over in a way no one could have imagined....


November 7, 2011

PHP. Like a virgin.

PHP. For the very first time. Hard to believe after all these years I’m doing some PHP.  It’s dangerous and seductive. Simple. Dynamic. Very much like C, which I have done a ton of over the...


October 25, 2011

Apple TV

Cracked it? One thing I’m wondering about the Apple TV speculation that I don’t know why hasn’t been mentioned. Make that two things. Why can’t the TV run iOS and therefore Apps? Think along...