April 1, 2008

Old Man!

Several of my younger colleagues nick named me “Old Man” or OM many moons ago. I’m always wondering when the time will come that I can’t do the Software Engineering thing any more. So far...


March 17, 2008

iPhone SDK Challenge or Windows Programmer trys iPhone SDK

I’m a long time Windows Software Engineer. I’ve programmed tons of C 3.1 SDK code all the way up to C# today. Throw in a boat load of VB. I’ve also done Java and generic C++. Recently, my son...


March 16, 2008

Apple rejects or delays

More saga for the iPhone SDK.   The little guy is getting “initially” rejected from the $99 program that lets one download actual code to the phone and actually run it. How many will be...


March 13, 2008

Apple Design Methods

Ah! That is is how it is done…