October 2, 2008


Ok. I know I’ve investigated the development environment for the iPhone. Busted. I was and remain lukewarm to the experience. So my Blackberry was dieing last week and it was time for a new phone....


September 30, 2008

Last Meal

This kid goes to school with my daughter. Truly amazing what he has accomplished in the world of food at such an early age. He has a blog FoodieatFifteen which I have on my list. His last post talks...


September 24, 2008

LHC Down

Technical projects are hard. Looks like the world will have to wait to come to an end. Dam. I had such hope. I work on stuff like this every day and some days you just can’t believe how difficult...


September 23, 2008

Like I said before

Like I said before this is the problem with developing applications for the iPhone. Some great fellow associate of mine probably poured his guts out trying to develop that app. And in their own...