November 2, 2008

Two Galaxies

Well the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is up and back running thanks to the old 486 backup processor that was turned on.  And it was already pointing to this spectacular image. Two Galaxies that...


November 1, 2008

Chase Utley

Well. What can you say. It was so unexpected and off the wall I just laughed. I love a guy who is a little bit of a bad boy. I’ve been accused of that once in a while. The torch goes on. Bam....


October 31, 2008

Finally Redemption

Well if you did not know I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the surrounding area. As a senior in high school I was at the game the Flyers won the Cup in 1974 and attended the parade. You might...


October 21, 2008


You know in Godin’s book he mentions Tesla – in glowing terms. But lately they are taking it on the chin. Pictures like this don’t help. But screw it. I’d still want one. Right next to my...