December 15, 2008

MBA Application Part 2

  Ok. Here is my application.   What do you do now? I own a Software Consulting company that specializes in Test and Measurement applications. The applications are...


December 3, 2008

MBA Application Part 1

Wow. I must have writers block. Black Monday was a real downer. But time moves on. And so do I. So Seth Godin is offering a “Instead of getting an MBA, consider spending six months in my...


November 12, 2008

Black Monday

I witnessed 51 people let go on Monday at a client. It was almost surreal. If it wasn’t so dam sad. Do we over hire in boom times and then over fire at the drop of a hat? It gets me wondering. Sure...


November 2, 2008

iPhone WordPress App

I am writing this from the iPhone WordPress application while walking my dog at haverford college. Pretty cool. Excuse typos.