March 6, 2010

ATI 5770. WTF. Double take.

Back to the new PC box for a second if I may. I was looking at the Level10 yesterday and thinking about adding one more monitor. So I gaze over at the connectors and I only see three connectors. The...


March 5, 2010

Update Custom Desk pics

I got the DSLR out and attempted to take some better pics of the Ultimate Kapsoft Workstation Platform. I just made that name up. Sitting here all day I felt energized. This Desk is really a joy to...


March 3, 2010

Quick Video and Update Computer Desk

Well desk was delivered last night by Rick Sr. And Matt. Wow is all I have to say. It was love at first sight. I’m actually writing this with the table raised. Pretty cool and feels really good to...


February 28, 2010

Computer Desk Design Saga

I’ve been on a mission to keep modernize my systems. Computers and monitors were getting very old. Ready to hit the graveyard. I also wanted a better desk setup. More room...