May 30, 2010

WWDC and Stencil give away

I’m going to my first WWDC. That should be a pretty cool and exciting time. To celebrate I’m going to give away 250 iPhone or iPad Stencils at the conference. A member of my crack team will...


May 22, 2010

iPad Sketchbook Unboxing Authors Copies

I just received my authors copies of our new Apress iPad Sketch Book. Thanks to Apress guys for a great job. Many improvements were made this time around. Hope you enjoy it. Here are unboxing pics:


April 30, 2010

iPad Cheese and Cutting Board

I’m working with a great bunch of guys from Philadelphia Custom Block and Board. They make really nice Butcher Block products. What ever you can think of…and I have. I wanted them to come up with...


April 28, 2010

Kapsoft iPad Stencil vs UIStencils – 2 Videos

Just a quick comparison between the 2 iPad Stencils using some video. Theirs seems to freak out the poor iPad. Metal not good for everything. And I contend it doesn’t make for a good stencil in...