October 7, 2010

Roy Halladay No Hitter thoughts

Roy Halladay pitch a no hitter last night in his first ever post season game. Here is how my son explained it to my daughter: “Here’s how I explained to Alyssa how cool Roy’s performance was...


October 5, 2010

Habit 2: Discovering Your Life Mission – Steven Covey Vook Review

I’ve been getting into this Vook on iPad lately and really enjoy the new medium. Like I said before I think I’ll personally be reading more in the future on the iPad. Steven Covey is a well know...


October 4, 2010

Google almost sold for 750k, Wow

Interesting video from TechCrunch Disrupt (I believe) where [Vinod Khosla](, the founder of Khosla Ventures, tells audience that when he was a board...


October 3, 2010

RF radiation measurement App but not on iPhone

This is a cool RF measurement App that measures cell phone radiation on the  cell phone your using. An Israeli company called Twakon. Sorry no iPhone App.  They could not get that through. Fat...