October 18, 2010

Being Me. Being an Entrepreneur.

This morning I was accused of the following: Being an Entrepreneur. Guilty. Being a dreamer. Guilty. Risking too much. Guilty. Not following what everyone else does and says...


October 12, 2010

What my Desk says about me?

I found this Laughing Squid video about “The Desk, taking a look at the desks of creative people”  really fascinating. So I got to thinking about my desk. I’m into desks and designed this...


October 11, 2010

Social Network Movie Review

Saturday afternoon my daughter and I took in the movie the Social Network. First a message to the two old ladies in the row across from us. Does this look like your living room where you can just...


October 7, 2010 Glif iPhone4 tripod mount

Check out this site – what caught my attention was this iPhone4 tripod mount. The site is cool because its a viral way to fund an idea. Look at that funding number. As of today...