April 2, 2011

First sighting JoePa and Jake M. Kaplan

First @jakemkaplan PSU football press conference captured. Too cool.  


March 23, 2011

SPITZER on CNN “speak plain English”

I watched Eliot Spitzer on CNN  on March 15th interview a former GE Nuclear Engineer. Start like this: “Thirty-five years ago, Dale Bridenbaugh resigned from his job at General Electric. It was...


March 16, 2011

Kappys – my Food job

Last night in bed (the place I do my best work) I was listening to Back to Work podcast with Merlin and Dan. It had me rolling on the floor and the memories came streaming back like it was...


March 15, 2011

Apple Store visit and Product Review

Stopped by the Ardmore Apple store today for a quick visit and product review.  I had not seen the new Macs released a few weeks ago. So I’ll cover these also. iPad 2. Thin. Really light. I could...