Ecommerce last mile matters

kaplandj • July 11, 2019

Software Business

In ECommerce the last mile to deliver packages matters. In a recent transaction with Snell Golf I had a problem. First let me say I love the golf ball. They use Fedex exclusively and they have always been a problem delivering to our condo. No other carrier has these issues here. It is a safe and easy drop off and hundreds of packages are left here every week.

Fedex tried once to deliver the package then diverted it to once of their store. Snell said they could not do anything and I was forced to drive to the store for pickup. People use ECommerce direct delivery solutions for convenience. In fact this is the only way to buy a Snell golf ball currently that I know of.

I’m a software developer and have worked in ECommerce for a long time. My suggestion to Snell and firms like them is to provide shipping options. SAS (services) like Shippo provide an API to enable cross carrier shipping. Snell and firms that are trying to survive competing with Amazon should consider offering options. Or they will eat your lunch.

Snell might have lost me as a customer. Shame. There are better ways to do things.