Russ Rose PSU Volley ball Coach thoughts

kaplandj • December 21, 2010

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For the second hear in a row I watched the NCAA Womans Volley ball championship with Jake M. Kaplan, a writer for Penn State Collegian and a junior at the school.  Oh yeh he’s my son too. He was working hard through the whole match writing this article. Any NCAA title Div 1 is a pretty impressive accomplishment. 4 in a row of anything is great. 4 NCAA titles in an off year is off the charts.

ESPN did this piece on coach Rose. He is really a character. So cool and within himself on the sideline. You would think there is nothing really going on. But there was and is something really going on here. An amazing coach that has a different outlook on life and education. It seems Jake has learned also by covering this guy. So even if he can’t say it because of political correctness I will. Russ Rose the greatest coach in PSU history. Not “one of”.