iPad and Accessories

kaplandj • March 16, 2010

Software Business

Following up on my thoughts about iPhone Accessories from a few days ago, I must say the the coming iPad tablet is an even greater opportunity for the Accessory market to flourish. There just might be something about the form factor that makes sense for many attached hardware devices. Some ideas just can’t be executed on the iPhone form factor. Granted that rumor has it (i.e. I can’t really say) that the interface is very similar. Just having the  increases real-estate for things like connectors (on the other side that is) will make certain applications possible where before they were not.

But I must add I’m surprised we have not seen that many innovative iPhone Accessories as of yet. It’s ten fold more difficult to produce these products. From the Walled Garden of Eden to the complexity of embedded device design-not to mention you still need an “App”.  So some freedom might be found in the way that size does matter some of the time.  If you need guidance we are available to help.