3GS Hands On – Speed Kills

kaplandj • July 9, 2009

iPhone Development

I’ve had this 3GS puppy for about two weeks now. I was so pleased with the AT+T store process. They were not able to copy contacts, but that’s OK. I was really surprised that the upgrade really meant I got to keep the original phone. Awesome since I needed a development machine.

Speed speed speed. Fast fast fast. Everything is zipping along very nicely now. That’s the biggest thing and worth the cost of admission.

Second will be video. My date Saturday night was not pleased I was getting a video of her at dinner. Very Hot. Very nice feature. Should come in handy and I must think of applications that use this feature. Now we need them to enable the HD beast that lies inside the phone. Should be soon I think. A boom for the Indy/Amateur Porn industry? The mind wanders.

Compass. Very cool. Always good to have another Sensor on board. I’m a Sensor kind of guy.

Need to see the 3.0 apps now.