We are excited to announce we just added a Writer/Blogger/Content Provider Entity to ISDB.IO .

The first example of this is Jake Kaplan, The Houston Astros Beat Writer for the Chronicle..

Jake is of course the Houston Astros Beat Writer and happens to be the creator behind the concept of ISDB.IO.

If you go to the Jake link you will see the following:

  1. Jake’s vital info and a list of his recent articles on the Astros.
  2. Click one of the article links and you will be taken to the Media page for that piece.
  3. The Media page show all the Players (links) mentioned in that article and Teams (more links) mentioned.

We are currently looking for early adopters to become part of the ISDB.IO graph. Currently you will need an RSS feed to get started. Email me at kaplandjk at gmail.com or on twitter @kapsoft.



The ISDB.IO back story.

by kaplandj on June 6, 2017

Here is the back story for ISDB.IO – The Internet Sports Database. Or is it the front story? This is right from the splash page new users will see if they go there. Please go there. Here goes:

ISDB.IO (The Internet Sports Database) is a website for looking up the key relationships in sports between players, teams, management, media, writers, and events – just like that movie database, but for sports.

My name is Dean Kaplan (@kapsoft). Truth be told,I’m a huge sports fan. It also happens that I’m a Software Architect, Engineer, Developer, and Product Designer. My love for sports rubbed off on my son Jake Kaplan (@jakemkaplan) who is now the Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle.

During a discussion with Jake several years ago, he threw out an idea: “Why is there no IMDB.com for sports?”. I was hooked. I could not stop thinking about it. A simple site that one can find the chronologically sorted relationships between players, teams, management, media, writers, and events. The ultimate graph of sports data.

So happily I present you a beta version of that idea born years ago.

For now the site contains only baseball data and is missing some of the data points and relationships, and the data is currently only available through the 2016 season. We aim to have the three majors soon, with the ultimate goal of having all sports at all levels.

We are interested in hearing your feedback. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting.

You can get updates on our progress by following @isdbio or our Facebook Page.

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