March 14, 2011

Golf Win!

Not too often (okay never before) I ever win anything at golf. But this year me and three friends won the Green keepers Revenge at Shannondell. Beat the Pro and his 4 some. Forever enshrined:    


March 13, 2011

Japans Nuclear problems and Nucs in general

I’m in the business to deal with lots of instrumentation and deep technical problems that interface software and hardware. Since I was a young man in this business I’ve always had an uneasy...


March 11, 2011

Another pound of flesh

What you think is going to be the easy job turns out to be hard. Really hard. It takes its’ pound of flesh. Consulting gigs seem to take a rhythmic form sometimes: You get the work. Short...


March 6, 2011

iPad Cutting Board Auction not claimed

The winner did not claim his iPad Cutting Board from the auction that ended 10 days ago. I then contacted the next 2 winners and no one got back to me. Will someone restore my faith in mankind? It...