Tech Talk

kaplandj • March 15, 2014

Software Business

Tech Talk. Interesting (you will be the judge of that) Tech items that are discussed by me and my colleagues at my client


Interesting mini robot arm Kickstarter project

Dumb Lunch Decider Wheel project

Martin Fowler helps us understand REST

*Martin’s old post still a go-to.

Color Detection explained

*Important stuff for t shirt industry.

7 Proven secrets for effective Checkout

Your checkout is not just bleeding visitors …

It’s a burst artery.

And all those prospects you worked so hard to attract and persuade are gushing out of your site at a mind-boggling rate.

Particle Fever teaser

*This gave me a woody. I must see it.

Unlocking the power of teams

This is Twitter Engineering SVP Chris Fry on history’s greatest example of successful hyper-growth, and the tactic that made it possible: stable team building.