Using a 39″ 4k monitor for programming

kaplandj • March 9, 2014

Software Business

After reading this post I thought using this 4K Seiki TV monitor was worth a look.

Here’s the findings.




Crappy pic, but I guess you get the idea. One of my colleagues served as the guinea pig. First his Dell computer could not drive the display. So they decided to tear apart the Dell and upgrade it. Something I think is a total waste of time and energy for a software guy to be replacing his video card and power supply. Did I say the new parts did not fit well. Oh well.

Finally he got to try the monstrosity. First seems very bright and text blurry. Up the DPI to 150 and it was better. So what did he think?

There is a thing as too big. You need to sit too far away from this thing. Three full sublime editors side by side is nice. I think I’ll go for 2-3 27 inchers side by side.

On a related note looks like Apple is getting ready for 4k.