Tech Talk – Maiden Voyage

kaplandj • December 30, 2013

Software Business

As promised but a little delayed – Tech Talk. Interesting Tech items that are discussed by me and my colleagues at my client

Breaking the Page Speed Barrier with Bootstrap

“After Ilya’s talk ended, I started to think more about why performance always seems to be an afterthought with developers. As I pondered this thought, I kept coming back to the following question: How hard is it to get a perfect PageSpeed Insights score?

It can’t be that hard, right? Well…there is only one way to find out!”

Manna by Marshall Brain

*Discussion/social commentary brought this one up. The world as some people would like it. Or how it is. See Will work for Free video link below. This was a follow on.

UX Archive on how different Apps do things

*Very cool site that shows how different Apps handle different tasks. Some are awful and provide valuable lessons.

Hip Hop

*Facebook PHP code compiled and made fast. Our service isn’t the bottleneck, but we were wondering how hard this would be to implement.

Will work for Free Video

*Long documentary that is very well done. Details how automation and tech is putting us all out of jobs. I’m depressed.

Hacking Drones

*Amazon beware.  Watch the video. Fun stuff.

Git Flow

**Git is great. I know. I know. But I hate it. This is a methodology I can get my brain around that makes sense. Must read. Two stars. **

SQL Memory tables

*Something you might not have known existed.


“A trend proliferating amongst prototypers in the Angular community is full-stack JavaScript development via the MEAN stack.”

*Angular rocks.

See you next time.