Lessons learned in 2011

kaplandj • December 28, 2011

Software Business
  1. Never under estimate the power of the man. When he gets cranky torwards the end of the day he can bring out the shock an awe. Have a backup plan that is better then scrambling the emergency TI fighters at the very last minute. Stainless steel ain’t that great.
    1. Everyone still thinks your ideas suck. And you still come up with them and try them out. Even if #1 lesson learned is the consequence. Strong work you dude.
    2. You need money. You might even like having some one day.
    3. Your ideas are revolutionary. They (#2) just don’t know it yet.
    4. You learned PHP. It’s growing on you like a fungus. A dangerous language that could probably start a war or a WWW.
    5. Apress loves the sketch books. Even if they don’t sell that many. You go!
    6. You are fragile, injury prone, and clumsy. A sucky combo.
    7. You are 56 now. This must be an end of life crisis you are having.
    8. You have amazing kids. Some of “them” said you were a sucky parent. But they really are doing great things. I guess you like the adult versions of little people.
    9. You have an amazing core group of friends and family that just won’t give up on you. Pretty lucky for 2011. You.