Rock Climber

kaplandj • October 4, 2011

Software Business

I saw something on 60 minutes Sunday night that blew my mind. I know it doesn’t take much, but it was about a Rock Climber named Alex Honnold. The crazy part is that he doesn’t use ropes and he is climbing big pieces of granite like El Capitain. He lives out of his van and lives pretty close to a homeless lifestyle. One would think the best of the world at something deserves more monetary reward, but obviously he doesn’t care about that part. All for the Art. I love this guy.

So imagine going to work and one slip up and you are toast.  Like our programming jobs. If you make one bug or compilation error some guy comes out and shoots you in the head. Imagine that for a second. No defects. No errors. Every move could be your last if you make that wrong move on the keyboard.

I know. I hear you. He’s stupid. He’s taking unnecessary risk and should be using a rope. I don’t think so. When I see skill this great it moves me to be better myself. It drives me to tears.