New Mac Hardware thoughts

kaplandj • July 20, 2011

Software Business

Finally new Mac Hardware.  Mac Air, Mac Mini, and a new 27″ Display. No doubt you have read the full reviews like I have by now. Maybe a tear down or two. I anticipated the Air release with a little want and excitement. I’m downsizing everything these days, so smaller is the trend for me.

So I must say one simple item was glossed over for people (developers) like myself. Ram. 4 gig of ram and no upgrade path. Really? Other then that I might be sold on the 13″ version, but will need to see in person to gather my real impressions. I can understand Apple wanting to keep the prices down and make this a real main stream machine. But it would have been nice to have as an option. The processor is powerful, SSD fast, but not enough ram.  I’ll want a 16 gig option.

The Mac Mini in the server version has 8 gig. That might be an interesting developers machine. Closer to Siracusa’s xMac. No?

The new 27 inch Display is the ultimate Mac docking station. No make it in no-gloss screen and we are talking turkey.

[Update: @jonfingas brought up good point. SSD makes things much faster. If you run out of Ram it will go to VM. Which will act much faster since it’s coming out of SSD. I’m sure there is a slight performance hit. But I love to learn. Now the question will come up. Is the SSD big enough! LOL. ]