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kaplandj • June 27, 2011

Software Business

One of my favorite sites is HighScalability .com . It’s really fascinating how much goes into creating a Web property. This guest post by Andy Gelfond, VP Engineering of is amazing. Few highlights I liked: __

Culture of responsibility – you own your project end to end, and are responsible for design, coding, testing, monitoring. Most projects are 1-2 engineers.

Engineers work across entire stack – HTML, CSS, JS, Java, scripting. If you do not know something, you learn it.

Engineers. Hire smart, fast, flexible engineers who are willing to do any type of work, and are excited to learn new technologies. We do not have “architects” – at TripAdvisor, if you design something, your code it, and if you code it you test it. Engineers who do not like to go outside their comfort zone, or who feel certain work is “beneath” them will simply get in the way.