37Signals interviewing Geekdesk Founder

kaplandj • June 17, 2011

Software Business

An interesting 37Signals interview with GeekDesk founder Donovan McNutt. He talks about the relationship between Time, Energy, Money, and Information. Great stuff.

You really only have four resources to work with: Time, Energy, Money, and Information. They each have distinct properties, strengths and weaknesses. In many cases there are sort of “exchange rates” between them. For instance you can often spend money to save time, or, like most people do when they work, slice off little parts of their life (time) and trade those slices for money. Information is unique in that it is primarily a catalyst. If you use it well, it can really leverage the other three. Energy tends to be related to time, but they are not fused directly together — it’s possible to spend time without spending much energy and it’s possible to spend a tremendous amount of energy in a very short period of time. That little framework helps navigate all kinds of planning, deployment, and execution decisions. I tend to think of my job as stewarding the four of them well, with good synergy.