Apple Store visit and Product Review

kaplandj • March 15, 2011

Software Business

Stopped by the Ardmore Apple store today for a quick visit and product review.  I had not seen the new Macs released a few weeks ago. So I’ll cover these also.

  1. iPad 2. Thin. Really light. I could see myself rolling over in my sleep and breaking that sucker.
  2. I still like the black over the white model. The black seems to work for my better for my eye.  Anyone buying should look at both for sure.
  3. Seems very fast. Pages load fast.
  4. I played Garageband. Guitar and Drums. I had a nice Drum session. One of the Apple employees asked me if I played drums. Not for a long time. This App is amazing. Just a fine piece of work that the engineers should be very proud of for sure.
  5. To my surprise the covers were not out to play with. The had them under one plexiglass cover in front of the store. I asked to see one and they brought one out. Very cool how that thing latches on and seems to reach out and grab the iPad. Rolls up very nicely. Instant on when raised.  It takes a good tug to make it come off the unit. Yes you can hang ten from the cover. Who thinks up this stuff? Cool.
  6. The new Mac Pro’s are very nice. Expensive but really nice. The 15 inch has a non glare option that is really stunning. It could be time to just go portable and combine everything (Windows and Mac) on one portable.