Japans Nuclear problems and Nucs in general

kaplandj • March 13, 2011

Software Business

I’m in the business to deal with lots of instrumentation and deep technical problems that interface software and hardware. Since I was a young man in this business I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about Fission based Nuclear power. Backup plans are too thin and not reliable for this application. Oh the pumps failed because of the Tsunami. The whole premise of a Nuclear reactor is based on heating water. The Reactor must be placed near high volumes of sources of water. So when the big wave comes through your backup plan was never too good from its inception. Was it?

I’m fascinated by those shows on the Discovery and History Channels that create a scenario where humans instantly cease to exist.  In 2 weeks diesel full backups run out at reactors and things start to heat up. Then the meltdown. Then the cloud that kills much of life. Times 100.

New ideas for energy are coming and will get us out of this mess. Sorry to the folks who work in this industry. Its’ not a long term viable solution to the problem.