Another pound of flesh

kaplandj • March 11, 2011

Software Business

What you think is going to be the easy job turns out to be hard. Really hard. It takes its’ pound of flesh. Consulting gigs seem to take a rhythmic form sometimes:

  1. You get the work.
  2. Short relief.
  3. It starts slow.
  4. Client can’t define or their system doesn’t work.
  5. The first vendor library doesn’t work. (OK you get what you pay for…)
  6. Client still having problems with their system.
  7. The second vendor library doesn’t work. They are in Eastern Europe. Support hours limited.
  8. Panic.
  9. Client getting nervous.
    1. Blood rushing.
    2. The third library looks promising, but your fantastic framework you created last year is not handling input.
    3. Panic.
    4. Then breakthrough.
    5. It works. Its over.
    6. The Post Consulting Gig exhaustive  state sets in. You won, but a what cost?