Thoughts on iPad 2

kaplandj • March 5, 2011

Software Business

I’ve had a few days to think about the keynote after watching it the day after. It was great to see Steve back on stage and it seemed like it surprised the techno press when he appeared. He received a big loud round of applause. I’ve also read plenty of posts and listed to the usual pod casts. Here’s some of my thoughts:

  1. I love the new iPad 2.
  2. Steve still looks thin. Hope he is OK. One can only speculate.
  3. The cover is cool. The video on cover was so well done. Sometimes I think they make just as good videos as hardware and software. Gruber said it seems to be almost robotic. And at the after viewing people were dangling the iPad 2 from the cover.  Nice magnets.
  4. Not saying how much ram.
  5. 2 cameras with a new iMovie. I’m wondering if there are some new ideas here I haven’t thought of yet. Something is percolating in my mind about this. The iMovie looks very cool.
  6. That Garageband demo was rocking. Did I just say that? That is some amazing app. Those software jockeys who created that are at a different level. With money and talent good things will happen.
  7. A5. Two cores. I heard discussions asking if its an A8 or A9 ARM. Good question.
  8. Same price.
  9. Smaller. Lighter. Thinner. Can’t be too thin.
    1. Same display. Probably the same panel.
    2. Same battery life. How did they do that? Just astounding. These guys are the greatest embedded electronics design company in history. Really WOW.