Update on “CuttingBoardGate”

kaplandj • February 9, 2011

Software Business

Just a quick update and a few clarifications on the iPad Cutting Board. I have now dubbed it “CuttingBoardGate” for lack of any other cute name . I really appreciate the comments and support. It warms my heart.

  1. The board is not painted. Just nice wood. Walnut and Cherry.
  2. I appreciate the donation offers, but not necessary. But thanks just the same.
  3. I’m not making this up. Take my word for it.
  4. Cross grain wood products are hard to make.
  5. The product did not sell at well and is expensive to produce. So it makes the cost high. Granted not much was done to promote it. Now that you like it who knows.
  6. I reserve the right to put it back on the market and take on the full wrath of the evil empire.
  7. I still love Apple and Steve Jobs. They remain amazing in my eyes.
  8. I snapped the pic with board flipped the wrong way. No the buttons are not on the wrong side. Either side of the cutting board works. FML. LOL.
  9. I’ll come up with another wacky product idea in the near future. I can’t help myself. (that’s for Ex and her lawyer..know you are watching)
    1. Prof Walrus received the first one. He rocks.