Living life as if you were Dead

kaplandj • December 1, 2010

Software Business

With all the exciting events yet to unfold today I awoke so early. Hate that…So I turned to my bed partner (my MacBook) and started scanning my usual blogs. Fred the VC led me to Dave Winers blog called Of course I know who Dave is, but I never read his one of many blogs. It’s really great stuff and I promise to become a regular reader.

One old post really caught my eye called Thanks for the Memories. He talked about Buckminster Fuller having some business failures when he was younger and deciding one day he would live every day from then on as if he never existed (or more accurately as if here were dead).  As he says:

After such a shift your priorities change. Before that, I cared a lot about what people thought of me. I still do, but there’s a twist. As I’m processing the insecure feeling that comes from disrespect, I remind myself that I’m gone, I’m dead — the person they’re dissing doesn’t exist. Of course they forgot about me, I’m dead. I know it must sound weird, but that’s where I’m at. If my Wikipedia page is wrong, well, no one is going to care after I’m gone, so ipso facto, no one cares.”

I’m in total agreement with this – even before shocking news was heard today and more actress drama in the afternoon. I was in total damn agreement.

So from now on….you got it my friends. I’m officially Dead.