Mike from SkupTech.com

kaplandj • November 4, 2010

Software Business

Selling iPhone and iPad Stencils has turned out to be fun. I get to come in contact with the most interesting people in the world. For that I am truly blessed.

For instance last night Mike Skupniewitz from SkupTech.com bought a set of stencils from us last night. He was kind enough to drop me an email shortly after with a good question. I guess my Website has flaws. It points to the place to get an iPhone Sketchbook and not the place to buy an iPad Sketch book. I’ll need to correct that in the near future. In fact I should sell everything directly from the site and I plan on working on that too -with more exciting products to come.

Mike is from Chugiak Alaska. I love the places my customers live. This is one interesting place for sure.  Mike has the most eclectic array of Apps I’ve ever seen. He focuses on themes of Aviation and Alaska interests. Dog racing, bending metal, spacing, and live video feeds from towers in Alaska.

For his real job Mike tells me he rebuilds small Airplanes. Some pics he pointed me to about that and some fantastic can’t miss shots of Alaska.