What my Desk says about me?

kaplandj • October 12, 2010

Software Business

I found this Laughing Squid video about “The Desk, taking a look at the desks of creative people”  really fascinating.

So I got to thinking about my desk. I’m into desks and designed this motorized desk about a year or so ago. We hope some day to maybe sell these. It’s the refinement of something like a GeekDesk, but the combination of Art and the best of technology (a more sophisticated and expensive base). I’d say my mess factor is on the low scale. Please don’t count laundry basket on floor. A few embedded projects lay on top of the table. Notice an iPhone sticking out of one. Notebook and printer, iPad, checkbook (zero balances), iPad SketchBook (mine from Apress), headphone-microphone, file of last consulting job, and medical insurance bill (to remind me I can’t afford it anymore). Not anywhere close to Einstein or a client I visited last week who had no white space and stack of 5 documents high in an overlapped random fashion. He must be smart.

Here’s the professional photos: