Social Network Movie Review

kaplandj • October 11, 2010

Software Business

Saturday afternoon my daughter and I took in the movie the Social Network.

First a message to the two old ladies in the row across from us. Does this look like your living room where you can just converse at will? Quiet on the set! I got a play by play on every move.  Please please don’t talk during the movie. You know who you are. You can change.

Loved the movie. Recommended you go see it if you are the programming type. I think they nailed that part of it. I liked how the plot converged around the two law suites. I also think he played Zuckerberg pretty well considering the interviews I’ve seen him give. The out loud thinking taking one through the “hacking” process while he was a Harvard was done very well. It also says a lot about startups. How they can makes lives and how they can ruin lives. There are both sides of the coins and its not for the faint of heart. Enjoyed the drinking game to get a Facebook job. I’ll have to use that next time I hire someone. And the wild parties. High time I have one of those.

Go see.