Habit 2: Discovering Your Life Mission – Steven Covey Vook Review

kaplandj • October 5, 2010

Software Business

I’ve been getting into this Vook on iPad lately and really enjoy the new medium. Like I said before I think I’ll personally be reading more in the future on the iPad. Steven Covey is a well know author and he wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” back in 1989. So the Vook folks put their magic on top of it and it presents him speaking to an audience and in this case talking about creating your Mission Statement.  He says think of your Mission Statement as where you want to be at your 80th birthday party. They depict a man with his family at his birthday party and we assume he met his Mission goals in life. He looks content and happy. I guess he had a good life.

This is a quick read and there’s the other 6 habits available for purchase on Vook. I was not familiar with Covey’s work and this was a good way to get a quick introduction. I will be creating my own Mission Statement in the next few days. In fact its already in my head.  Although I don’t want to rush any 80th birthdays.

Check it out.