My Comments on Fred AVC Offshoring comments

kaplandj • September 21, 2010

Software Business

I read AVC (Fred) all the time. Great mind and a great writer. Of course I’m interested in the subject matter. ALWAYS. So his offshoring comments in this latest blog I found dead nuts on.

I live the realities of this challenge with my clients on a daily basis. It’s tough competition on a daily basis. Do my clients always benefit by this strategy? I think not. Let me first say I’m not a protectionist. If we can’t do the job at a competitive rate then we our out on our ass. One huge downside he didn’t mention is the loss of core competency. Ship it off and you might not get it back. If I saved 40 million dollars but it cost me a 300 million opportunity did I save the company money? In this environment this strategy takes more time. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. AWAYS. Go ship your FPGA design off and take an extra 2 years. Oh yes I forgot…our bonus was higher for “saving?” that money. Strong work.