Android Accessories, why none?

kaplandj • August 28, 2010

Software Business

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I know it has been a while since my last post. I was off getting Hip Replacement surgury. The fun never stops around here. Thanks for all the well wishes. Ok, there weren’t that many…but thanks anyway. I know you meant to call…

So I see all the surge in Android market share being talked about lately. It is certainly something to watch. Which I find myself always doing from the developers perspective. I still think the Apple Mobile Developer ecosystem is better. But walled gardens are full of their own problems. If tons of people own the phone, then there are customers waiting for great applications. So let us turn to my point of this writing.

Why no gadgets for Android? Why no connector specification? I think Google would go a long way of defining some hardware/software spec for this interface. Then the handset makers could decide to implement. The interface for Apple’s “program” is slow and not all that great for a wire. Yes there is probably Bluetooth.  All things being equal there is nothing like a wire. I’m really disappointed by the lack of ground breaking iPhone Accessories. I know there is huge barrier to entry. But something stinks a little bit here. So let’s go Google. Another chance to gain something on your competition. We love out gadgets and I think this is a huge deal. Your thoughts?