Inception, my thoughts. Unless I’m “really” dreaming.

kaplandj • July 24, 2010

Software Business

My son told me I had to see Inception. He did again last night. I rarely go to movies. I’m not a big fan of crowds and people kicking my chair the whole movie. But last night no chair kicking. My kudos to the movie theater Gods. I went early to pick up tickets and then went for a snack/drink. Getting to the theater 15 minutes ahead left us in some neck wrenching seats. Enough bitching and on to the movie.

Did the Dreidel drop? OK maybe its not exactly one of those. But this is one of those movies you might think about the next day in the shower. Or a few days later. Or right now as I’m writing this.  It’s like your frigin life summed up in a few levels (four) of madness. It questions what is reality and what is not. It reaches into your past relationships and present ones. Planting that seed. Did it happen in a dream. Or is this a dream. This every day morbidity of life. This is like the next version of the Matrix. Are we are really hooked up to something that we can’t explain or get out of its way.

15 minutes before the movie I was warned to pay close attention. Like I needed more work after a head banging day with the bytes and bits that never work. Great job by Nolan on this film. It’s starting to be like the modern day Ground Hog day for me.

Please kick my chair when done.