dBm – How about an App for that! – iPhone 4

kaplandj • July 17, 2010

Software Business

As I mentioned before  besides iPad and IPhone Stencils and SketchBooks I spend most of my day frustratingly writing large ATE RF test sytems that test radios. (Cell phones fall into that category).

So this blog from Aaron Swartz bring up an excellent point. Bars suck at telling us the real signal strength. dBm would be better. How about an App for that! Give us SNR, Gain, Noise figure, Group Delay, Passband. I’m sure I could come up with a few more.  An App would tell us exactly what is going on when you Death grip this masterpiece.

That info for doing that App is of course not available to developers. And Stevie-poo would never let that one past. Pigs will fly first.

On a related note. It looks like Apple certainly has Did most people know what an anechoic chamber was until yesterday? The “3 hour” tour some press members were given of the labs was interesting on a number of levels. Letting them inside the hallowed gates was startling. Then showing them so much. Yes they are doing their due diligence. For a company that didn’t make their first cell phone until a few years ago they really have the digs. I think I’ll send my resume out there….