Unboxing iPhone 4

kaplandj • June 23, 2010

Software Business

[First Thoughts]

The phone is syncing right now. Seems to be happening faster then last few times.  I first am always amazed by the packaging. Simple and brilliant as always. After all thats the first customer experience – opening the box. No wasted paper as the box seems to be suspended in air inside the outer box.  The phone is thin. Very thin. It’s a little dauntingly thin. But seems solid and even lighter (but we know it weighs the same).


Feeling a little nervous with the phone bareback, so I went to Ardmore PA Apple store looking for a case. I was kind of suprised (maybe I should not have been) to see about 6 people waiting in line already for tomorrow’s actual release event of phone. I was informed that no cases would be available until tomorrow at earliest “until the phone was released”. I pulled the phone from my pocket and said “what do you mean its already out”.  The nice Apple employee laughed and said he didn’t want to see one until he can get one. I proceeded outside to take a picture (this was my first pic with the new phone). It seemed to go through some initialization before the camera would come up. The first guy in line immediately recognized I had the “4” and started screaming “there it is!”. I almost caused a riot in this sedate community.

Here is my first movie. I call it sausage smoking hot.

iPhone 4 first video

I feel like I got squeezed into a phone both. I guess that 720P doesn’t play well on Youtube.

[Update 2]

I’m trying to find a Case fast for the phone. I’m not liking the bare back. (Tiger Woods I’m not.) Looks like Bumper Cases would take a few days. No quick solution in sight. I’ll give iMovie a whirl and report on that. So far all all well with phone. I looked hard at trying to find the yellow pee stains reported. After a while I was seeing yellow spots on everything I looked at including my walls. I don’t think I have that malady but my eyesight is so bad its anyones guess. At an outside bar last night and had a guy spot it from across the bar. People are excited. My girlfriend doesn’t get why. “Its just a phone!”

[Update 3]

Note to Google Voice users. You must initiate the startup activation to the phone again since your forwarding to the new phone is disable. Go to Google Voice Website and hit the activate link next to forwarded phone number. A pop up with instructions is display that has you call a number from the phone. and then all is well.

It is always a pain getting all the passwords back into the phone. Interesting the Facebook and Foursquare carried over passwords. I’m not going to claim to know how that works. But all the email account passwords must be reentered. Also my  Twitter Birdfeed client seems to rendered useless. Brizzly (new one that is free) from acquiring company does not work either. It will not log into Twitter. Must be OS4 thing. Oh well. Switched to TweetDeck.

At 2PM there was still a line at Ardmore Apple store. No I’m not stalking it. But I do go over there to buy food nearby many times a week.

I don’t have the yellow stain on my phone. Rumor is that is will go away. FM.  I do see the bars issue with my hand. Someone thinks thats a software bug and calls are still better with the 4.

[Update 4]

Did have a call cut off which seemed to be from handling the phone. The Haters I know are really getting on me about the problem. Especially the Android lovers at one of my clients. Apple should give out bumper cases. A check at the store yesterday revealed they did not have any. I need a case around this thing fast. I broke a 3g pretty easy.

[Update 5]

Apple’s Bumper case has been found.  But problem found today with my Griffin car charger does not fit (go all the way in) with Bumper on . Need to slip condom off to charge. Pity. I’m assuming other 30 pins connector things with male plugs might have clearance issues.