One problem with WWDC

kaplandj • June 17, 2010

Software Business

So it was my first WWDC. First I’ll go on record as saying I enjoyed it. It was crowed and busy. Which is good since Silicon Valley as my friend Ken Maskrey told me on a visit down there (after the show) is a ghost town. So at least something is hot and this seems to be “it”.

At times I felt like a piece of cattle getting herded around. But that’s not my issue. My biggest issue is with the talks. I don’t think it violates my NDA to say I think they are a bit shallow and not deep enough into the subject matter. They are more of an overview then a class. I’m thinking it is more intended to sprinkle out the new stuff then to teach the subject matter. Something like 360idev probably goes much deeper into the subject matter.

It hit home when I attended the talk on EAAccessory Framework. I am involved in the subject matter. But nothing new was learned by self. So that was a bit disappointing. Let me close in saying I’d go back in a heartbeat. It was a great experience.