Back from WWDC

kaplandj • June 12, 2010

Software Business

Just back to Philly on Red Eye this morning. Feeling like my ass was kicked in typical fashion. This was my first and I really enjoyed the conference. I know I’m under NDA, so there is not much to talk about there. General thoughts:

  1. I’m glad I got into the main room for keynote. Even though it was barely. I still waited in the cattle line for 2 hours. I thought Jobs was “on”.  I love the new phone. It is getting better all the time.
  2. It was nice standing in line with Clay Andres from Apress. Our first time meeting. Great guy. But I knew that.
  3. Enjoyed the Apress  Authors party. Finally got to put a face with those voices and emails. Thanks to Lisa Lau for putting that together.
  4. We handed out about 300 iPad and iPhone Stencils over the week. Most of them by my girlfriend Sasha on Monday morning.
  5. This event is very crowded. I found that Mission room the most uncomfortable place on earth. Other then a sardine can.
  6. In general I would not call the talks anything close to “in depth”. Just my two cents.
  7. It was great meeting Ken Maskrey. I was his TR on his iPhone Accessory Book. It just came out and I just received a copy. We talked at length about many ideas.