WWDC and Stencil give away

kaplandj • May 30, 2010

Software Business

I’m going to my first WWDC. That should be a pretty cool and exciting time.

To celebrate I’m going to give away 250 iPhone or iPad Stencils at the conference. A member of my crack team will attempt to give most of them away next to the line on monday before the keynote. I also am bringing 3 iPad Cheese and Cutting boards to give away. I’ll tweet where I am during the week and the first one to find will get the cutting board and some more stencils.

Apress will be introducing our iPad Sketch Application Book and you can already download a free PDF of the drawing on our site. You have to love my shoe in pic!

So good luck and hope to see you at the WWDC. Have a great conference and make sure you say Hi.