New iPad Stencil and Free pdf templates

kaplandj • April 2, 2010

Software Business

In the fervor of pre iPad launch reviews and announcements I figured it was time for me to throw something in the pot. In a few weeks we will have for sale our new iPad Stencil. I have pictured below a few pics of the new Kapsoft Stencil. Holding the prototype of our stencil, I got the feeling the real thing was going to be pretty cool. It just seems like the perfect size for a device that is trying to break new ground.

Also, in the new few days I’ll be putting up two free pdf downloads: one is the original iPhone Sketch Book drawing and the other is a new drawing template for the iPad. The new drawing is in the spirit of the original. So enjoy those just in a few days. I’ll post and tweet when they are up. All at